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550 Chappaqua Road,

Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

(914) 945-8000

Health and Safety

To ensure the health and safety of guests and employees at Edith Macy Center, a comprehensivereview of the physical building and operations has been assessed, utilizing the latest scientific data and best industry practices from several resources. Therefore, we are confident that the re-opening of Edith Macy Center will be done safely and using the best methods of cleanliness knownand available. Below are some of the sources of information we rely upon.

  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Cleaning and Disinfection for Community Facilities.
  • AmericanHotel & Lodging Association: Stay Safe, EnhancedIndustryWide CleaningStandards
  • Benchmark Hotels and Resorts: Re-openingGuidelinesfor the New Normal
  • National Restaurant Association: Reopening Guidancefor COVID-19
  • International Association of Conference Centers: Reopening Resources Guide.
  • New York State: Reopening New York Phase Guidance 

What’s enhanced at Edith Macy Center

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General Prevention

  • Cleaning regimen enhancements
  • Physical distancing signage
  • Abundant hand sanitizer stations


  • Extensive training on CV prevention
  • PPE worn by role
  • Daily wellness checks

Guest Rooms

  • Enhanced cleaning technologies and
  • procedures

Shuttle Service

  • Limited passengers per trip
  • Public Spaces
  • Public seating reduced & spaced
  • Additional outdoor seating
  • Partitions installed at Front Desk and other high interactionareas

Hearthstone Dining and Commons Bar

  • Service with minimal guest contact
  • Physically distancedseating

Elevated Guest Room Attention

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1. Switches and Electronic Controls – lights, lamps, switches, electronic controls, climate controls
2. Handles & Knobs – doors, closets, drawers, furniture knobs and shade pulls
3. Bathroom Surfaces – toilet handles, seats, shower controls, sink faucets
4. Telephones, Remote Controls and Clocks – handsets, dial pads and control buttons
5. Beds & Bedding – bed linens, duvets and covers, blankets
6. Bath Amenities – individual amenities, tissue boxes and covers, soap dishes, amenity trays, hair dryer, makeup mirrors
7. Hard Surfaces – tables, desks and nightstands
8. Closet Materials – iron and board, hangers, spare blanket and linen packages
9. In-Room Items – drinkware, ice buckets, refrigerators, coffee makers

Meetings & Conferences

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Post COVID-19 at Edith Macy Center,we are dedicated to achieving the highest levels of sanitation in all meeting spaces and respecting physical distancing requirements as set by the CDC and state/local health officials.

Our goal, as always, is to provide top level service to
enhance your meeting experience. Added to that goal is our joint responsibility with your organization to minimize the risk of further virus spread by communicating and following
the best practices available to us at the time of your meeting.

To prepare for your meeting we have…

Skip To prepare for your meeting we have…
  • Signage and distancing markers throughout the property
  • Room pre-sets comply with the evolving physical distancing guidelines
  • Trained staff on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) usage and physical distancing guidelines
  • Installed glass panel at Registration desk to comply with physical distancing
  • Self serve water coolers in each meeting room
  • Individual candy will be provided in meeting rooms
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout property

Meeting room protocols

Skip Meeting room protocols

As the event environment changes, it will be more important than ever to continue to create
experiences thatpromote collaboration and engagement, with a renewed focus on health and safety.

  • All staff will adhere to the CDC and Local/County guidelines on PPE
  • Room sets pre-set to comply with physical distancing guidelines
  • Room set-ups will be done using one table per one guest, arranged with 6’ distance between seats
  • All hard surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized at the end of each
  • Full refresh of room will be conducted at the end of the day, unless otherwise requested. This is to limit unnecessary traffic in meeting room
  • Disinfecting of high-touch points will be conducted during all pre-planned breaks or at guest request
  • Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer will be set on a separate station inside of the room 
  • Individualcandy will be set per one individual guest
  • Pads and pens available upon request
  • White boards are available in lieu of flip charts, or sanitized packs of markers are available
  • We recommend extending break times longer than normal to accommodate social distancing standards& procedural adjustments
  • Maximum occupancy standards will be implemented in all public spaces and restrooms
  • Signage and floor markers – throughout the property highlighting physical distancing guidelines and PPE recommendation

Flexible Meeting Rooms

Skip Flexible Meeting Rooms
  • Meeting room capacities adjusted to the current guidance
  • Your meeting will be custom set to your specifications within the allowed occupancy at the time of the event
  • Options to video link multiple rooms exist
  • Auditorium with original capacity of 200 can easily be configured to socially distance smaller groups appropriately
  • Significant outdoor space available weather permitting

food service

Skip food service
  • All traditional buffet and self-serve style events are suspended for the timebeing
  • As opposed to large-volume hot /cold holding units (i.e., chafing dishes), food presentations will be more residential, with food micro-plated or comfort style served to secure our guests safety reducing contact as well as product and surfaces subject to contamination
  • Fixed or stationary buffets if desired will require waiver liability release guarantee if allowed by locality
  • Traditional setups will be replaced with single-sided stations to enhance guest distancing with mandatory attendants to ensure product and equipment are effectively monitored
  • Guests will not be allowed to reuse plates, utensils or cups.
  • Flatware will be presented in a napkin rollup
  • Hand-sanitizer stations will be placed in suitable locations near food stations
  • All food and beverage items are to be individually plated and served with condimentsin individual PCs or sanitized individual containers
  • Conference breaks will be attended and served concession style for each individual
  • Our food servers, buffet attendants and food handlers must undergo a health assessment as required by regulation

conference breaks

Skip conference breaks

As ‘Macy’ looks toward the future, our team is considering the flexibility and vision necessary to accommodate the changing demands and safety of our clientele.

  • From behind a courtesy shield, attendants will serve food items on single use vessels
  •  Attendants will dispense hot beverages utilizing disposable cups and lids or china upon request. This coffee/hot tea station will need coordination with the meeting planner for availability during meeting break times
  • Enhancement offerings to our break package will include attended stations (ice cream, novelties, etc.)
  •  “Touchless” sanitizing station for guest use readily available at break area
  • Attendants sanitizing break area surfaces regularly throughout the day
  • Attendants will wear face coverings and follow CDC guidelines on handwashing and/or wear gloves as required by health regulations
  • Encourage social distancing using multiple stations within the break area

additional considerations

Skip additional considerations
  • Lunch break scheduling minimums will be in place to control the flow of our guests so that no more than 30 to 50 people are in each time slot
  • Group morning and afternoon breaks may also require scheduling to reduce break station and restroom traffic by assigning times by room location
  • Hand sanitizer stations in multiple locations encourage CDCrecommended hand hygiene. Disposable wipes available so that commonly used surfaces can be wiped down before each use
  • Signage posted outside of food service areas reminding guests of appropriate physical distancing guidelines
  • Lines to be kept moving quickly at points of service execution
  • Stagger entry and exit timing is highly recommended into service area venue where possible

shuttle protocols

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Shuttles were designed to maximize the number of people that can be transported within a vehicle foot print. We are reverse engineering those confines to strategically seat customers to maintain the appropriate distance from one another, as well as addressing load-in and load-outscenarios.

We understand that the proposed configurations significantly hinder capacity, but they are logical outlays with respect to physical distancing guidelines. Our teams are available to work with you to fit your needs.

  • Masks required for guests and staff
  • Masks onboard for those without their own
  • Divider between driver and guests
  • One person per row each side
  • High touch points sanitized after each trip:

Door handles

Hand holds

Tops of seats

Arm rests

Seat belts

Shuttle passenger distancing

Skip Shuttle passenger distancing
  • We will offer an environment where passengers are able to practice physical distancing by maintaining 6 feet between other passengers whenever possible
  • We may, depending upon current recommendations, display decals to indicate where passengers should sit and which seats should be bypassed to maintain a safe distance from other passengers
  • Decals are a guide and are not intended to prohibit those traveling together from sitting together