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The Power of Nature in Boosting Team Morale and Creativity

Published on June 18, 2024

The world has never been more fast-paced and digitally connected than it is today. That means it has also never been more important to bring the power of nature back into our daily routines. This rings especially true in corporate settings, where work demands can stifle creativity and employee satisfaction.

Incorporating nature into meetings and events is more than a mere trend — it's a powerful strategy to enhance team morale and creativity.

There’s no better outdoor meeting space than Edith Macy Center, tucked away on 400 acres of unspoiled land with five miles of trails, to inspire creativity and boost team morale.

Dave Vogt, General Manager of Edith Macy Center, passionately advocates for integrating nature into meetings and events.

Embracing Nature for Enhanced Meetings

“At Edith Macy Center, we see the benefits of nature firsthand," he says. “Having meetings that are connected to the outdoors and nature makes everybody feel more comfortable and open to connection. It allows them to talk about things that maybe they wouldn't normally in an office environment.”

Edith Macy Center’s Natural Advantage

Edith Macy Center’s expansive outdoor meeting space offers a unique advantage for corporate events. Vogt points out that the center's facilities provide a range of outdoor activities, from nature walks to mushroom hunts and tree identification sessions.

"It breaks up the flow of the day and makes for a really cool event," he says.

One notable example is the business academy that hosts upper-level executives for intensive two-week programs. These programs involve significant time spent in the classroom, but the opportunity to break out into the natural surroundings provides a much-needed reset. Executives and program leaders attest to the enhanced productivity and positive experience resulting from these nature-infused breaks.

"We've had groups come in for very intensive studies, and when they get the opportunity to get out and break the rhythm, it makes a huge difference,” explains Vogt.

“Whether it's walking from their guest rooms to the meeting space on a secluded part of the property or taking a nature walk, the feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive."

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The Science Behind Nature's Impact

The benefits of spending time in nature are well-documented.

According to the American Psychological Association, nature has a nurturing effect that can reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance cognitive function. Even short breaks in nature can improve mental performance, making it a powerful tool for teams looking to enhance their productivity and creativity.

These effects are particularly beneficial in a corporate setting, where high stress and mental fatigue can hamper performance. By integrating nature into their programs, venues like Edith Macy Center are tapping into these benefits to improve the outcomes of their events.

Planning for Outdoor Experiences

Vogt emphasizes that successfully integrating outdoor activities into meetings requires careful planning.

From the early stages of the sales process, the team at Edith Macy works closely with clients to understand the key components of their programs.

"It's not just about quoting rates and room numbers," Vogt explains. "It's about understanding what's important to the program and making suggestions for incorporating outdoor elements based upon what we hear about the importance and what they're doing already in their agenda.

“Based on that, we can make tailored suggestions, whether it's moving specific pieces of the agenda outdoors or incorporating third-party programming to enhance the outdoor experience.”

Practical Tips for Outdoor Meetings

For those considering an outdoor meeting space, Vogt offers some practical advice.

"No matter what line of work you're in, if you have the choice to eat dinner indoors or outdoors, always choose outdoors," he says.

The outdoor environment adds an extra level of engagement and connection with the real world, which can significantly enhance the overall experience.

"Outdoor dining, for instance, is something we encourage,” he recommends. “It adds a different dynamic to the meal, making it not just about eating but about engaging with the environment and each other in a meaningful way.”

This concept can extend to various aspects of a meeting or event, from breakout sessions to team-building activities, benefiting from the refreshing and invigorating effects of being in nature.

Bringing Nature to Your Next Meeting

If you're planning a corporate retreat or team-building event, consider the potential benefits of an outdoor meeting space.

Edith Macy Center offers a range of options to incorporate nature into your program, from outdoor dining to nature walks and other interactive activities. These experiences enhance the enjoyment of the event and foster a deeper connection among team members, leading to improved morale and creativity.

"At Edith Macy, we can tailor outdoor experiences to fit the specific needs and goals of your group,” Vogt says. “Whether it's a structured team-building activity or a more relaxed nature walk, we ensure that the outdoor elements complement and enhance your overall program.”

Discover the transformative power of nature for your next corporate event at Edith Macy Center. Contact us to learn more about our facilities and plan an unforgettable outdoor meeting space experience.