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Why Smaller Intimate Venues are Ideal for Corporate Retreats

Published on February 15, 2024

When the task falls upon you to organize a meeting or leadership retreat for your organization, the venue you choose becomes the foundation of your event's success.

It's not merely about picking a location; it's about creating an environment where focus, engagement, and camaraderie bloom.

Sherri Hoy, Sales Director at Edith Macy Center, shares insights into this crucial decision, emphasizing why smaller, intimate venues may be key to unlocking your leadership retreat's full potential (and when to consider a larger one!)

Let’s dive in.

The Power of Focus in Smaller Settings

The size of your venue directly influences the productivity and engagement of your attendees.

Smaller venues offer a unique advantage in minimizing distractions fostering a more concentrated atmosphere.

Sherri Hoy highlights this benefit: "Your group is definitely going to be more focused... There's less distraction; there are fewer people around. There's less hustle and bustle."

This focus is indispensable for leadership retreats, where maximizing every moment is pivotal for strategizing, team strengthening, or fostering innovation.

Personalized Service and Recognition

A standout benefit of opting for a smaller venue is the unparalleled level of customer service and personal recognition your group receives.

Hoy says, "You're not lost in the shuffle. You're coming in; you're meeting the team. The team is knowing what groups you're with."

This personalized touch transforms the venue from a mere meeting space to a welcoming haven where attendees feel recognized and valued, starkly contrasting the anonymity often found in larger venues.

Building Camaraderie and Networking Opportunities

At the heart of a successful leadership retreat is the strength of the connections forged.

Small venues excel in creating environments ripe for networking and team building.

Hoy observes, "A small venue keeps everybody really focused on the team and building that camaraderie, getting to know and networking with one another."

These interactions extend beyond scheduled sessions, continuing conversations that strengthen bonds and foster unity among team members.

When to Consider Larger Venues

Despite the compelling advantages of smaller venues, there are circumstances where a larger venue might be more suitable.

A larger venue's diverse amenities might be more appropriate for retreats offering an array of leisure activities or emphasizing relaxation alongside work.

Hoy acknowledges, "There are some groups that want tons of amenities and tons of things for groups to do." In these cases, the broad offerings of a larger venue can meet the retreat's broader goals.

Selecting the Right Venue for Your Goals

The essence of choosing the perfect venue for a leadership retreat lies in aligning the location with your event's objectives.

Whether aiming for a professional and structured atmosphere or a relaxed setting conducive to brainstorming, the venue's ambiance significantly influences the retreat's outcomes. Hoy advises, "You want a venue that's going to match your goals and objectives." It's about selecting a space that reflects and enhances the spirit of your gathering.

As you plan your next leadership retreat, consider your venue choice's profound impact on the event's overall success.

Smaller, intimate venues offer distinct advantages in fostering focus, personalized engagement, and team cohesion. However, aligning the venue with your retreat's specific goals and the needs of your participants is crucial.

As Sherri Hoy puts it, it's about bringing your team "home" to a place where they can excel together, whether in a quaint setting or a larger, amenity-rich venue.


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