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Team Building Events & Activities


Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind for a memorable bonding experience, whether you’re coming with a small group or as a full corporate crew. Edith Macy Center’s lakeside location makes it easy to relax and remember the things you love about your team. After all, it’s tough to hold on to the challenges of the day to day when you’re looking our over the lake or bonding beneath the trees. 

But Edith Macy Center has more to offer than its lush, expansive acreage. As one of the top destinations for team building retreats in New York, Edith Macy Center offers a diverse selection of unique team-building exercises. Take advantage of the experiential elements by the lake and customizable programs to meet your group’s own goals.   

At Edith Macy Center, team building events are a great way to strengthen workplace camaraderie once you make it back to the office. Choose from several teambuilding options to improve communication, enhance leadership skills, and find ways to have fun as a team even when stress levels run high. 

Team Cooking Events

Chili Cook Off

Group Size: 12 - 32

Groups will split into teams to prepare and cook their own chili. Edith Macy will provide popular chili-making ingredients for groups to prepare as they please. 

Magnificent Munchies

Group Size: 15 - 40

Find out who would be the best party hosts in this make-your-own dips challenge. Craft salsa, guacomole, and hummus, then dig in with chips. 

BBQ Sauce Challenge

Group Size: minimum of 12

Discover who can create the best bbq sauce of the group. Participants will be given a timer in which to make their best sauce. Pair it with chicken or ribs.

Bartender Battle

Group Size: 10 - 40

Put your mixology skills to the test. Each team will prepare a three-drink cocktail menu using a full array of bar tools and select liquors and mixers.

Wellness Workshops

person doing yoga sitting in lotus pose


Group Size: Up to 20

Learn about what meditation is and how it can benefit your group. Balance stress responses through a breath-based approach in a one-hour session.

Restorative Yoga

Group Size: Up to 20

Address stress reduction through yoga. This wonderful practice can help team members with fatigue, stress, and relaxation techniques.

Nature Walk

Group Size: Up to 20

Getting outside is the best way to make a break in your day. Talk a walk with our nature enthusiast to see how nature trails can lift your mood.

Walking Meditation

Group Size: Up to 20

Focus closely on the physical experience of walking while paying attention to steps and breathing. Channel focus and awareness in a natural way.

Team Recreation

two people pointing at map

Remarkable Race

Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours

Embark on a team-based race through Edith Macy's rustic property. This Amazing Race-style challenge is customizable to your group or theme.

Tailgating Olympics

Duration: 2- 4 hours

Play all the best games from college football tailgating traditions. Teams will compete in a series of fun and engaging ativities, which can be customized.

Low Ropes Team Course

Duration: 2- 3 hours

Challenge your team on a variety of free-standing low ropes elements. Get through the course with collaboration, coaching, and problem solving.

Geocaching Challenge

Duration: 1 - 3 hours

Geocaching is a modern game of "hide and seek" where group members use GPS devices and clues to find hidden treasures. Customize your adventure.

Experiental Programs

people paddling rafts

Office Escape

Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours

Immerse your group in an office-themed escape room where you'll have to put your heads together to discover clues and get out of the office within a time limit.

Deconstruction Zone

Duration: 2 hours

Teams must deconstruct small appliances and other common household objects, then re-arrange the parts to form a photograph, sculpture, or collage.

Bridge Build

Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours

Emphasize teamwork and communiation to complete a large bridge made only with cardboard and ducktape that's strong enough to hold a golf cart.

"Row Your Boat" Regatta

Duration: 2 hours

Build and decorate a boat using only the materials provided. All boats must transport team members in a race across the watery finish line.

Learning and Development Workshops

hands in the middle of circle

Disc® Workplace

Duration: Half- or Full-Day

Engage in a realistic simulation that will help you build more effective relationships at work. We can cover a variety of workplace scenarios.

Disc® Work of Leaders

Duration: Half- to Full-Day

Five, 60-90 minute modules will expose your group to the skills they need to be leaders at all levels. Discover effective leadership styles and tendencies.

Disc® Productive Conflict

Duration: Half- or Full-Day

Improve self-awareness around your group's conflict behaviors. Develop techniques to curb destructive patterns and find satisfying resolutions.

Cohesive Team Behaviors

Duration: Full-Day or Multi-Day

Help your organization reveal what it takes to build a truly coheisve and effective team. These activities are great for building culture and engagement.

Evening Networking

group of people cheersing cocktails

Networking Lounge

Duration: 1 -3 hours

Relax and mingle in a specially converted lounge space. Reconnect over appetizers, cocktails, chit chat, and games like billiards, corn hole, and darts.

Texas Hold 'Em

Duration: 1 - 3 hours

Teams work together to learn how to play the very popular poker game called Texas Hold 'Em. A professional dealer teaches the top strategies and tactics.

Jeopardy Game Show

Duration: 1+ hours

Play the famous Question and Answer game show at happy hour or after-dinner festivities. Let game night competition bring your group together.

Board Game Olympics

Duration: 1+ hours

Compete in fast, 20-minute versions of classic games like Yahtzee and Operation. Winning teams move to Pictionary semi-finals and Giant Jenga finals.

people standing and looking up with their hands in the middle of the circle

Team Building Bundle

Bundle Edith Macy Center's unique sessions and space with True North's one-of-a-kind team building experiences. Package includes: 

  • A Half Day Facilitated Teambuilding Program
  • Buffet Breakfast and Lunch
  • Morning and Afternoon Breaks
  • One General Session Space for meeting set to your specifications
  • Standard Audio-Visual Equipment including WiFi
  • Conference Planner to assist with the planning of your program
  • Complimentary On-site Parking
  • True North Escape Rooms

Packages starting at $5,000.00 per day

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